E.I. Top Up

March 8, 2018


Following the massive layoffs announced by Corus February 15th, 2018 the Media One

Board unanimously determined that members who have been given layoff notice by the

employer, and where there are grounds to challenge that layoff through the grievance

procedure, that member will be granted an E.I. top up for up to 52 weeks while the

grievance is processed.


The Media One Board recognizes that some of the layoffs may be in violation of the

collective agreements in place in different parts of the country. In those cases, the Union

reserves the right to grieve those layoffs on behalf of the members, but it also means those

members must opt to remain “on recall” and again face the immediate and total loss of



The Media One Board discussed this initiative at length during the Board meetings in

Toronto and has determined that we must come to the aid of our members facing this

devastating life event.


While this decision was taken in light of the most recent round of layoffs, it will also extend

to any further layoffs, should they occur. This initiative was unanimously endorsed by the

Board as it offered our members the ability to continue to provide for their families during

the long drawn out legal process of determining what, if any, of their severance or pension

funds could be recouped.


While your Union can’t stop the layoffs or restructuring efforts from happening, we will

continue to support our members both financially and emotionally during these difficult



Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to your unit president in your

respective city.


In Solidarity,

Your Media One Board

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